How to choose the perfect wedding favour boxes

Choosing wedding favours that strike the right balance between theme, appeal and usefulness is often a difficult one to gauge. A point of contention amongst many couples, wedding favour boxes can be a lovely way to remember your special day. However, for some, the hassle of deciding on a suitable gift is just not worth the added stress! That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to narrow down your wedding favour options. Whatever your budget or style, follow our useful tips to decide on the perfect wedding favour boxes.

wedding favour boxes

Where to start?

Over the last few years, the variety of personalised wedding favours on the market has exploded. There are so many different options that the choice is almost impossible without some prior planning. So a great place to start is thinking about what represents you as a couple. What do you both enjoy, what are your favourite things?

Mapping out your likes, dislikes and similarities with your other half is an important first step. This allows you both to reflect on what makes your relationship so special and can provide invaluable inspiration for your wedding favour boxes. Using this as a starting point will mean your wedding favours are personalised to you as a couple and a fitting memento of your wedding.

Handmade or shop bought?

Secondly, before you start googling wedding favour ideas, consider whether you want to hand make your wedding favour boxes. Though this may seem like a lot of extra effort amongst the rest of your wedding planning, handmade gifts always go down well with guests. This way, you can also match them to your wedding stationery.

Perhaps you or your bridesmaids would enjoy letting their creativity run free? Either way, a handmade touch makes a wedding favour extra special for your friends and family. Not to mention this would be a much more cost-effective option! From handmade chutneys to homemade confectionery, there are many possibilities if you decide to make your wedding favour boxes yourself – you certainly won’t be short of inspiration!

A lasting memento

One of the more common choices for wedding favours nowadays is selecting a gift that will last for your guests. Though edible goodies and on-the-day games often provide good entertainment at your wedding, these gifts aren’t long lasting and may not be worth spending your pennies on!

Cookie cutters, seed pods and engraved gifts are just a few popular wedding favours that guests can take home after your big day. Not only do these provide a physical memento but they are often useful and can be reused so that your guests always are reminded of your wedding celebrations.

Whatever your budget, wedding favours that last don’t have to break the bank. A small cactus for each guest or a scented lavender bag are both budget-friendly options. Candles, keyrings and engraved bottle openers are slightly more expensive. Though, if you have a long guest list, you can often buy these in bulk which will make them more affordable.

wedding favour boxes

For the foodies

Let’s admit it – everyone likes an edible gift and food-related wedding favours are definite crowd-pleasers! If you don’t have a lot of time spare to select unique wedding favours, personalising a sweet treat is a quick and easy alternative.

There are lots of options if you decide to go down the food route. Popcorn cones, iced biscuits, mini macaroons or sweetie jars – your wedding favour boxes could be filled with anything you like! Perhaps to add a more personal touch, choose your favourite sweets and include a little anecdote or quote from your other half. With biscuits, you could have them iced with your initials and date of your wedding. Or, to make your wedding favour treats extra special, include a personalised thank you note with each guests’ name.

Another easy wedding favour idea is to choose miniatures of your guests favourite tipple. Add a handwritten name tag for a rustic touch and for the children, make miniature milkshakes or a fruity cocktail.

DIY wedding favour boxes

If you have trawled through websites and just can’t find that ideal wedding favour, try making your own. It’s easy to craft your own wedding favour boxes and you can brainstorm ideas with your bridesmaids and make a day of it! Firstly, creating DIY wedding favours means there’s no restrictions on what you can buy and your guests will definitely appreciate you going above and beyond.

For those couples who are particularly creative, this is the perfect way to capture your wedding theme and really show your guests you care. So crack open the bubbly and enjoy a relaxing day of making your very own wedding favour boxes.

If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, maybe a jar of homemade jam or a batch of mini brownies would suit your guests. Or, try your hand at making fudge and get creative with your flavourings! Equally, if you would prefer non-edible wedding favours, test out your soap-making skills or put together some herbal, scented bags. Whatever you choose, make some handwritten labels for your homemade gifts and wrap food items in patterned cellophane for a professional touch.

Opting to make DIY wedding favours adds a personal touch to any wedding and also saves on cost (which can certainly rack up if you buy online).

wedding favour boxes

Personalised wedding favours

For a customised gift, there are many online outlets selling personalised wedding favours. This option doesn’t have to be expensive if you ensure you are selective when deciding on your gifts. From adding details of the wedding day or an individual message for guests, personalising your wedding favours is a simple yet effective option. Plus, it’s no added work for you and your wedding favours will arrive ready to go.

Why not choose a mini bottle of champagne with a personalised label? Or, a personalised tote bag with some chocolates inside? For couples with a slightly larger budget, a personalised keyring or paper weight is a nice wedding favour and this could double up as a place name. You could even just add personalised printed labels to your wedding favour boxes for an added touch of personality.

Wedding favour boxes

After deciding on your perfect wedding favours, it’s time to look into wedding favour boxes. Depending on your wedding favour choice, wedding favour boxes are sometimes not necessary. However, for the majority of gifts, a pretty decorative box or bag will finish off your wedding favours.

To start with, try to align your wedding favour box style with your wedding theme. You don’t want gifts to look out of place on your carefully planned tables! Brown craft boxes often work well with any theme, in particular, if you have gone for a more rustic style. Equally, vintage lace boxes are a cute addition to any modern wedding design.

For a more unique wedding favour box, try a cracker-style design. These are great for more festive wedding celebrations and for children. You could even choose an embroidered wedding favour bag instead for smaller or scented items. have a great selection of wedding favour suppliers across the UK.

Bear in mind that some online outlets deliver wedding favour boxes flat-packed. So, ensure you have some helpers to assemble! And remember, the more simplistic wedding favour boxes can always be personalised with ribbon, stickers or even an initial stamp.