Should you send online wedding invitations?

More and more couples these days are choosing to send online wedding invitations instead of posting more traditional printed wedding stationery. Paper invitations are still extremely popular and are seen to be a more memorable way to invite wedding guests. However, modern couples are opting for online wedding invitations in a bid to keep costs down. Plus, sending e-invites is seen to make wedding planning less stressful.

As this trend increases, we look at whether you should be sending e-invites to your wedding guests and what the pros and cons are. We have tried to round up all the relevant information you’ll need to decide whether online wedding invitations are for you.

Online wedding invitations

E-invitations for the eco-conscious

Yes, for all the millenials out there, sending online wedding invitations is much more eco-friendly. You don’t have to have a guilty conscience about your carbon footprint and that’s certainly one less thing to worry about! Furthermore, if you’re planning an outdoor or more bohemian style wedding, sending eco-friendly e-invites may compliment your theme well!

However, do bear in mind that many modern wedding stationers are in fact very eco-conscious. As a result, many wedding stationery companies now offer recycled paper wedding stationery or locally-sourced paper. Therefore, online wedding invitations aren’t your only option and you can get paper invites without harming the planet!

Moreover, some specialist print companies also offer plant-based inks. Through sustainable farming, these vegetable or soybean inks reduce air pollution compared to standard print inks. FSC paper is another option for the eco-conscious couple. These papers are sourced by environmentally-friendly means and from sustainable, managed forests. Most wedding stationers will be more than happy to source these for you too, so finding pro-eco wedding invitations doesn’t have to be a hassle!

The cost of online wedding invitations

Another consideration when choosing your wedding invitations is cost. Depending on your budget, printed wedding stationery can rack up quite the bill. This obviously depends on what type of stationery you choose. Specialist print finishes will certainly increase the price, such as letterpress or gold foil.

On the other hand, online wedding invitations are guaranteed to save your wedding pennies. Online invitations will be cheaper as you’ll save on printing and postage. But, you may not get the customisation and individuality you want. Finding the balance between personality, cost and design (especially for online wedding invitations) is really difficult.

Another consideration is that you will definitely have to pay for the premium designs and may not have the flexibility to choose a bespoke font or beautiful calligraphic details. If you choose paper invitations, you’ll most likely be working with an individual designer who will craft your wedding stationery to be totally individual.

Online wedding invitations

Will online wedding invitations save you time?

A common misconception is that online wedding invitations save you loads of time. However, this is something that we heavily dispute as it really depends! Instead of your wedding stationer designing, detailing, writing, finishing and sending your wedding invitations – it will be up to you!

Firstly, if you’re not too fussy and are happy with the stock of online wedding invitations, perfect! In this case, online wedding stationery will be quick and hassle-free. However, many of our couples have spent hours trawling online wedding stationery websites trying to find the perfect design. What’s more, when they’ve found it, they then can’t add in their specially chosen font or the design isn’t in quite the right shade.

For couples who are looking for individual and 100% customisable invitations, we would advise against online wedding invitations. Instead, work with an individual designer to create the look you really want. If you choose a pre-designed wedding invitation from a print wedding stationer, the process will also be really simple!

Customisation and design

With lots of beautiful designs to choose from, online wedding invitations offer a wealth of inspirational layouts. But, as previously mentioned, customisation is sometimes lacking with e-invites. Therefore, if you can’t find something that you like, definitely switch to printed wedding invitations.

Print wedding stationers offer bespoke design services or completely unique wedding invitations. Online wedding invitations are great for a stock design but don’t allow for personalisation. Alternately, printed wedding stationers will usually customise any existing designs they have, alter layouts, change the font and even design from scratch.

Online wedding invitations

What your guests will think

In terms of convenience for modern weddings, online wedding invitations allow guests to repond instantly. This is fantastic if you have a young, digitally-savvy guest list. It means you can quickly track who has responded and also means you can quickly send additional information such as a map, dietary checklist or plus one information.

On the flipside, what if some of your guests don’t have an email account? Also, what if some guests don’t receive you email or don’t know how to respond?

A nice compromise is always to send out printed wedding invitations but include a digital RSVP. This way, you get the customisation and physicality of a printed invite but the ease of collecting digital responses quickly! You could also send printed invitations but create an online wedding website for guests. This option is great because it allows your guests to access additional information in one place online, at any time. Additionally, it means your wedding guests receive a quality, traditional paper invitation as a keepsake too.

Are online wedding invitations right for you?

There are many benefits to sending out online wedding invitations, including time, cost and ease. If you’re looking for a quick invitation fix, online wedding invitations are perfect! Not only this, but your guests will certainly appreciate a one-click RSVP. Plus, online wedding invitations make it oh so easy to manage your final guest list.

For the more traditional couple, or those who want their wedding invitations to be bursting with personality, printed invitations may be more suitable. Not only do you have limitless customisation but wedding stationers can work with you to design a unique wedding invite to remember. Moreover, your wedding invitations will reflect your colour palette, theme and your on-the-day wedding stationery will match beautifully.

Lastly, there’s the charm of opening a paper invitation. Though often overlooked in the modern day, it’s so satisfying to break open a gorgeous wax seal or untie a silk ribbon. And, in our eyes, nothing quite beats a hand painted invitation band or the feel of a hand-inked address on textured card.