The perfect palette: Getting your wedding colours spot on

Your wedding colours play a huge part of your big day. Therefore, getting them right is key to creating the perfect setting and ambience. But with thousands of colours, tones, shades and hues to choose from it’s often difficult to know where to start!

Firstly, don’t panic. So much choice means you can find a unique colour scheme to perfectly represent you as a couple. What’s more, with our succinct guide, it’s easy to get started. Follow these simple steps to acing your wedding colours and creating a picture-perfect day.

Wedding colours

Setting the tone

Before you start your wedding planning, it’s inevitable that you’ll already have an idea of what you want your day to look like. And feel like. Grasp onto this initial instinct about what tone you want your wedding to set.

To start with, think of the bigger picture. Romantic, fairytale wedding? Or, quirky, bohemian style? Whatever feel you are leaning towards, use your theme to inspire your wedding colours.

For romantic celebrations, think soft tones, dusky lighting and pale, delicate colours. Alternatively, for a festival-themed wedding, your colour palette is bound to be bold, bright and fun! Begin with an overarching theme and work down into the details to hone in on your perfect shades.

Finding inspiration

Secondly, get inspired! Your wedding colours are a reflection of you as a couple so go for something a little different to catch your guests by surprise. Wedding magazines, online articles, Pinterest and Instagram are excellent idea hubs.

Start by browsing and just wait for that ‘aha’ moment when a colour really catches your eye. You’ll know when you’ve found a shade you absolutely must include! Once you have one or two complimentary colours, you could use a colour wheel to find other contrasting tones.

Our top tip would be to put together a Pinterest mood board. This doesn’t have to be scrolling through images trying to find ones that match but more of an organic process. Find ten wedding images you are drawn to. Don’t think about your choices, just naturally select photographs and then see what you’re left with.

Usually, these will provide a real insight into the colours that you connect with the most. You could even let your partner do the same and then compare and select shades that are similar in both instances.

Wedding colours

Your wedding venue

Another great place to start working out your wedding colours is your venue. When you look at images, identify the venue styling, lighting and historical features. In an urban or industrial setting, minimalist and stark wedding colours work as a good contrast. On the other hand, moody, darker hues will create an atmospheric occasion.

If your wedding venue is very white, bright and traditional, you could go down the soft, pastel route. Or, for more striking wedding colours, go for a bright, modern palette with vibrant highlight colours. For example, fuschia is a strong colour which compliments paler pink base colours.

If you have opted for a barn venue or where there is exposed brickwork, shades of plum work really well. Add splashes of cobalt blue for a really sophisticated wedding palette.

‘Tis the season

Next comes seasonality. If you want a seasonally-shaded wedding, use the colours of the seasons to influence your wedding colours. However, do remember that winter doesn’t just have to be white and blue or summer yellows and pinks! Mix it up for unusually beautiful wedding colours.

Spring is the season of colour. Rather than sticking to shades of one colour, add olive green to peach highlights or mix lavender and pale green. For summer, we love watermelon and turquoise shades. Always vary your wedding colours by shade too! Don’t just keep the five exact same colours or your wedding palette will feel flat. Add depth with darker tones. Moreover, incorporate touches of paler shades to hint at your wedding colour scheme.

Autumn is a vibrant season which goes perfectly with sophisticated, rich colour palettes. Burgundy, cream and mustard are beautiful colours that make for modern and elegant wedding colours. Alternatively, add mocha shades to your winter palette for a really chic effect.

Wedding colours

Let your wedding colours come to you

Take time to find your ideal wedding colours. Rushing this decision may ruin the overall effect of your wedding tones. Plus, it will mean you make an impulsive decision rather than considering the ‘feel’ you want your wedding to have.

We would advise looking for colour schemes in your everyday routine. Perhaps a coffee shop you pass has awesome brand colours? Or a dress you see has a beautiful colour pattern? Take a journal with you so that you can jot down any colours that make you look twice. As you add to this, you will gradually build up a range of shades. Consequently, you can use these to influence your wedding colours.

Moreover, don’t be afraid to use a wedding colour scheme that’s already been done! Wedding colours are completely unique depending on how you incorporate them into your venue. Try finding unique decorations that subtly reflect your wedding colours. Use textured pieces to incorporate colour depth. You could even change up a colour scheme by adding a clashing tone. Colour blocking can be really effective if used sparingly!

Lastly, try not to get hung up on your wedding colours! The perfect shades will come to you without trying to force a trendy wedding colour palette. Use your venue, surroundings and favourite things as inspiration.

In addition, think about the theme and style of your wedding. Look at colour psychology to find fitting tones and really nail your wedding colours!