Wedding thank you cards: everything you need to know

Once the excitement of your special day has subsided and you have enjoyed a restful honeymoon period, there’s one last job to think about! Your wedding thank you cards may seem like an easy task you will eventually get round to but don’t underestimate how time-consuming these can be.

The build up to your wedding day will have been huge and with so many jobs on your to-do list, thank you cards will certainly not be a priority. However, we would strongly advise that couples start to think about thank you cards before their wedding celebrations. That way, there will be no last-minute panicking or thank you cards arriving 6 months after the ceremony!

wedding thank you cards

Preparation, preparation, preparation

The best time to start thinking about thank you cards is when you initially order your wedding stationery. This may seem way in advance of when they’re needed but it allows you to have them ready to send straight after your wedding. Ordering thank you cards with your wedding invitations also means you will have a matching design to remind guests of your special day. Not only this, ordering beforehand allows couples to eliminate any post-wedding stress!

As you won’t have a confirmed guest list yet, order more than you will need. The slightly extra expense will save the hassle of having to order more after the ceremony and will mean you have a few spares if there’s someone you’d like to send a special thank you to.

As and when you receive your RSVPs, start to put together a guest list in a spreadsheet. Saving guest names now will mean nobody is forgotten in your thank yous and it also puts everyone in order for the envelope labels.

A great tip is to write down those extra important people who have gone above and beyond to make your wedding day truly memorable. What’s more, jot down which presents are from who so you don’t get muddled.

Sending your wedding thank you cards

It is most common for couples to send out their wedding thank you cards within three months of the wedding. However, the earlier the better – depending on the size of your guest list, you may have hundreds of thank yous to write!

It’s a useful idea to section your presents into similar groups. For example; money, engagement gifts, household gifts, those who attended the wedding. By using this method, you can write your thank you cards with similar messages (which makes the process whole lot less daunting).

wedding thank you cards

Putting pen to paper

We believe this is a must for thank you cards! Your guests may have spent lots of time choosing the perfect gift so a handwritten thank you card will go a long way. Your guests will appreciate a personal and gracious thank you so remember to include what the gift was and how you plan to use it.

Write your thank you cards as a couple – it’s a lovely way to appreciate together the thought and generosity of all your close friends and family. Plus, it makes the writing process much quicker with two people!

It’s completely fine to include an initial generic note of thanks to all guests. This might include thanking guests for celebrating such a special day with you and how much it meant to have them at your wedding. Use first names to address the cards and practise writing your thank you note first so that you don’t run out of space.

Wedding thank you card wording

If guests have given you a monetary gift, it’s a good idea to say how you will use it but don’t mention the amount they gave. Perhaps you are putting a deposit on a new home or are planning the honeymoon of a lifetime. Whatever the purpose, your guests will appreciate knowing their gift is being spent on something special.

For other gifts, say what you love about it – this doesn’t have to be more than a few words. Maybe your new mixer matches your kitchen perfectly or a vase has taken pride of place on the dining table. It’s equally as simple to thank guests for their generosity if they have bought something not quite to your taste. It’s the thoughtfulness and kindness you are thanking and not necessarily the gift itself.

Always send wedding thank you cards to guests who didn’t buy a gift too. It should be equally important that they shared your special day with you and took the time to attend.

Wedding thank you card gifts

Now for the major question – should you send a thank you gift to special guests? And the answer is entirely up to you. If you would like to send a small gift to bridesmaids, the best man or anyone else who you feel went above and beyond, you can. Try not to go overboard as it’s just a small token of your appreciation. A small box of handmade chocolates or a pretty houseplant is plenty to show your thanks.

Equally, if you’d prefer not to send gifts, a thank you card is sufficient. Maybe you would like to include your group wedding photograph in your thank you cards as a memento of your celebrations instead. Either way, a heartfelt thank you card will be well received.

The final tick on the to-do list

Once you have sent off your wedding thank you cards, you can truly relax. Though a long process, thank you cards are the icing on the cake and will make your guests feel like you really care. And sealing that final envelope will be oh so satisfying!